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As the previous poster noted-Groupon and Living Social are both very fair and will return your $$$ if the business turns out to be disrepuable.Not Buy With are SOL when you purchase with them, so after my experience I will never be buying from them at all.

Esentially-they had a deal with a cleaning company-Organic Clean if Kenmore, WA; not only was this business a sham and fraudelent (they ran deals with Groupon/Living Social-which ironically, if you bought from them, they would've returned your money).

This business took their cut of the deals and basically didn't provide any service-they don't answer their phones, emails, nada. So I'm out $55. Buy With Me should be held accountable for vetting this fraudulant business.

She got her end of the deal...where my cleaning?!?

Buy With Me never returned my emails.Stick with Groupon.

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contact the better business bureau. I had a few vouchers refunded within 24 hours.


They ripped me off also!!! :(

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